Popular cheeses with Classification


cheese is a food product derived from milk by the coagulation of proteins present in the milk.There is no evident history from where the cheese came into origin but now it is one of the most indispensable food item in the culinary world.There are thousands of cheeses present, made by different processes and ingredients but we will discuss some of the most common and epic cheeses in culinary history. These cheeses are classified according to their texture and hardness.


These are the freshly prepared cheeses which are not aged or aged for a very short period of time. The moisture content is around 80% resulting in a very wet texture.

1 Feta: Extremely popular in Greece it is a fresh cheese which is made from Sheep’s Milk. It is very salty and little sweet in Taste which is very widely used in salads and as a cheese garnish for various dishes

2. Mascarpone: it is a very popular Italian spreadable cheese which is widely used in making deserts. it is made from the coagulation of cream by addition of some acidic or citric substance. It  has a creamy taste and consistency.

3. Ricotta:  Originated in Italy , made from sheep milk whey left over, Ricotta is very widely used in Italian dishes such as cannoli , Lasagne and various baked items. It is also eaten by adding condiments such as strawberries, sugar, cinnamon and chocolate. It can be used as a substitute of Mayonnaise for Italian Tuna Salad.

4. Cottage:  Widely used in all the dishes of India, this cheese is made from Milk which is not processed. It can have a very soft as well as a little firm texture with a very  mild flavor.


With water content of 50-70 % these are the soft cheeses which are generally aged for a very short period of time.

1. Brie:  Also known as The Queen of Cheeses, It is an extremely popular creation of France. Made from Cow’s milk it is slightly pale yellow in color. It is eaten whole, sometimes served slightly baked or melted, topped with Nuts

2. Goat  it is made by naturally allowing goat milk to curdle which is further drained and processed. it is know for its choky aftertaste and lemony flavor. The best quality goat cheese comes from France. sometimes it is flavored with herbs and Garlic.

3. Blue Cheese:  Ranked among one of the best cheese in the world,Blue cheeses is a spotted or veined cheese due to the addition of Pencillium. It is aged in temprature controlled areas such as caves. it can be eaten by its own or crumbled over dishes.


The texture is neither much soft nor much hard.

Mozarella: Italian cheese made from buffalo milk, mozarella is the cheese used in making pizza. it has high moisture content and a very cheesy flavour.


With moisture content up to 30-40 % they are hard but not very Hard.

1. Gouda: It is a dutch yellow cheese which comes from Netherlands. It is famous for its Tangy flavour, mostly accompanied with wines. it is Aged from 2 to 12 months. The more it is aged the more strong will be its flavor.

2. cheddar: It is one of the most popular cheese which came into origin during 19th century in England. It has a pungent and earthy flavor which gets quite sharp sometimes. It is orangish yellow in color


They contain moisture nearly about 25-30% and are aged the Longest.

1. Pecorino: A hard italian cheese made from ewe’s milk .It is one of the most expensive one and  preffered for Pasta dishes and as a dressing in various dishes.it is a traditional cheese which is aged for about an year

2. Gruyere: It is one of the best quality cheese which comes from Switzerland.Awarded as best International cheese for 4 times, It has a strong sweet and salty taste. it is considered one of the best for baking.it is made from cows milk and generally aged for 6-12 months

3. Parmesan: Also known as Parmigiano Reggiano, it is the most widely used cheese among the globe, comes from Italy it is a well known cheeses due to its nutty cheesy flavor which is obtained by ageing it for almost 2-3 years. It is used in almost all the pasta dishes and it is the most common Italian Garnish




How to make Perfect Sauces

A Sauce is an integral part of a dish, makes a dish more Palable, appetizing,appealing and more tasty. A sauce adds on more moisture and color to the dish making it complete. All the well planned  dishes includes  sauce as an accompaniment or main item . It is very important to make a good combination of food and sauce to make it a perfect gourmet , but if the sauce is not good it can make the dish a “No Show”,so a sauce must be perfect o go on with a perfect dish. Here are some points to keep in mind while making a Perfect sauce.

Proper Utensils– It is very important to choose appropriate kitchen utensils and equipments while making a sauce

  • Never use a brass container for making or storing a sauce as it will make its taste off.
  • Always Use  wooden spatula for making Tomato sauce as acidity in tomato will react with metal.
  • Use a good Quality Stainless steal whisk for White sauce
  • Store your Sauces in Stainless steel containers.

Consistency: consistency is a major factor which determines the appetite of a sauce

  • A good sauce must have a consistency such that it could full cover the back of a Spoon when dipped.
  • It should not be excess dilute or excess thick.
  • A good thickening agent must be used which goes well with the sauce e.g Roux, Laison etc.
  • It is important to cook the sauce properly( min 10-15 min depending on the quantity) after adding a thickening agent so that the starch gets cooked .
  • You can also  add 2 Tbsp of Butter ( for 100 ml) at the end to give it a shine and smooth consistency.

Sieve the Sauce- 
-it is very important to sieve a sauce using a sieve at the end to make it more smooth and lumps free.
– if it is not Sieved small lumps will be left in the sauce.

Seasoning the Sauce: salt and pepper are basic seasonings for every sauce.

  • Always end the seasoning once the sauce is done because when the sauce is reduced on heat the seasonings become more concentrated.
  • Use white and Black pepper according to the sauce color e.g White pepper for Bechamel

Storage: sauces can be stored for weeks in refrigerator.

  • If storing hot sauces for a long time do heat the them after 2-3 days and refrigerate again to prevent growth of microorganisms .