Perfectly Boiled Pasta
Perfectly Boiled Pasta

I have often seen People who make Perfect and very delicious pasta sauces, but their final Pasta dish doesn’t sounds that good just because their Pasta is not boiled perfectly.Boiling Pasta is a very important  step of making a Pasta dish. The Correct procedure and tips to boil Pasta are as Follows

  • Heat water to its Boiling Point,Always keep in mind that there should be enough water so that Pasta has penalty of water to absorb.It can be more than the required amount but less than required will make problem.
  • Once the boiling bubbles Start coming, lower the flame to settle the bubbles and then add Pasta because  some delicate pasta such as Tortellini will Break, Once the pasta is added bring the heat up.

  • Add little oil to the boiling water as it will Prevent your pasta from sticking together.

  • Never boil two Different types of Pasta together  as all Pasta’s have differnt boiling time.

  • To check the boiling Pasta, take a piece out and smash it with your fingers if it gets smashed easily, It is boiled.

-Only Drain the Pasta.Never Rinse Pasta as it will remove the Starch present on the Pasta.

Once the Pasta is boiled Immediately cook it in Sauce, if you wish to Store it then store it after putting 4-5 tbsp of oil on it.


Spicy Soya Chunks

Spicy soya chunks
soya chunks are full of proteins and a very healthy food for our body. Spicy soya chunks is Deep fried soya chunks, marinated in some Indian Spices

Type: Starter
Time: 15-20 Min
Servings: 2

Actual amount required
Actual amount required

Ingredients Required:
– 100 gm Soya Chunks
– 3 tbsp Yoghurt
– 3 tbsp Gram Flour
– 3/4 tbsp Ginger Garlic Paste
– 1/2 tbsp Red Pepper

– Add 1/2 tbsp salt and 1 tbsp oil to around 600 ml boiling water,boiling on a gas stove.
– Add the soya chunks in the Boiling water and boil it for 3-4 Min until it becomes soft
– Drain out the water from from the chunks and squeeze them to expel out all the water from it. keep in mind that Chunks Don”t Break .

-Take a Bowl and add all the ingredients to along with the chunks and mix them well. In case the spices don’t stick to the chunks add little more gram flour.

-After Marination Left it undisturbed for 5-10 Min. In the mean Time Bring some regular oil (any) to Medium heat.

  • When the Oil is medium Hot. Add the chunks and fry it until Golden brown and Crisp.
    Soak the Extra Oil with some Napkin and Serve it with some fresh Coriander leaves on Top.

You can also check out the video of this recipe on my YouTube channel.


Gram Flour
Gram Flour

Gram Flour also known as “Besan” in Indian household is a fine textured flour made from roasted ground chickpeas. Some people use raw chickpeas for makingflour but its bitter in Taste,used daily in Indian kitchen it is also a Staple ingredient of Pakistan and Nepal.


–  It is the Basic Ingredient Of Chilla(pancake), Boondi and Bhujjia.
–  It is the Most Common Ingredient of Gujarati Cuisine widely used in  making          Dishes like Khandvi,Dhokla,Fafda etc.
–  It is a very Important Binding agent used in various dishes and can be replaced      with EGG for binding.
–  it is used in many Desserts and Gluten Free Baking.
–  It is also Primary ingredient of very famous Indian Pakodas ( Fried Snacks)

Health Benefits:
– It is Gluten free and full of Proteins,which controls Cholesterol level in blood.
– It keeps our brain young and reduces the risk of colon Cancer.
– It is good source of Folic Acid Which produces red blood cells.


enERGY 1,600 kJ (385kcal)
57 g
Sugars 10 g
Dietary fiber 10 g
5-6 g
23 g

Kashmiri Food- Halwa with Parantha

Kashmir ,the Heritage land in northern region of India, Known as Heaven, a region Possessed by natural beauty and the inheritance which nature has Given to it.An assortment of distinct yet mesmerizing Traditions and culture of kashmiri Pandit’s & Muslim’s which are quite divergent but still tied in an Ethnic Knot.Feel the environment and you will fall in love with this place . The diversity of people can be seen also through the Food of Kashmir . kashmiri food mostly include slow cooked foods which has a flavor  burst of balanced spices, use of onions is very minimum in the dishes resulting in thin gravies which are often thickened by yogurt. A major  part of kashmiri Dishes includes Mutton of around 30 types, halal chicken is found where chicken is cut and let bleed. Rice dishes including Biriyani and Pulao are prominent where  Wazwan is their most famous delicacy, made with stacks of rice including mutton, barbecued ribs and seekh kebab served with yogurt and dips. It is  treated with great respect and eating it is done with a ritual where group sits together around and starts it by washing their hands.


During my recent  visit to Kashmir I found meat being served  at every single food place.There were hardly 4-5 Pure veg restaurants including The Krishna Dhaba which was serving a good veggie gourmet. Exclusive of  Meat the only veg food that You will find most often is Halwa with Parantha.  It is available at every food stall whether it is roadside vendor or a big refreshment  kiosk.

. kashmiri halwa
Kashmiri Halwa– It is basically a Dense Sweet dish with a crumbly and coarse texture, made form Semolina and Milk,Ghee as Primary Ingredients, its taste would always enlighten your  taste-buds with the warm Hospitality and gastronomy of Kashmir. It is Garnished with Grated Coconut and Nuts and served, an all time companion of Parantha .It is  conventional Sweet dish of localPeople and households as it always a gourmet with less of efforts. It is more sweeter than other halwas and the aroma, color and flavor of local Kashmir saffron added is a cherry on the cake. i went around the Hazratbal Mosque and found a plenty of vendors selling this whose face would tell the precision they had in this art.

kashmirir prantha

Kashmiri Pqrantha– Just having a Halwa is being bias to the vendor selling it, having this Parantha,which is a Flat Bread made From whole  purpose flour. Coupling it with halwa is the best way to have a all time gastronomic experience, blending yourself to this paramount food culture of the region.

This Parantha is  High demand in Kashmir for Breakfast. Making this is not everybody’s Cup of Tea, It is an art which demand a lot of skills and practice for precision and this distinct taste and texture. The process looks very simple where they make a dough from flour, salt and milk, taking a large loaf   in 1 batch and Flattening it in a circle of 1-1.5 m in Diameter. It is so Big that it needs intense care and command to Flatten it. After this skill test it is deep fried  it in hot oil, giving it a crispy brown texture. if i would be given this job, then surely it is going to be a challenging time i guess. When it comes out of Hot Sizzling oil its aroma and Texture  will make you to try it. It is so huge and heavy that it is Sold by weighing per Kilogram.

The twosome of Halwa and Parantha will  give you an amazing Food sensation  which will directly connect you to the food Heritage of Kashmir. So for your next visit to Kashmir do note down to taste this duo gourmet on your Task list.

Picture Credits: Rishab Beri
Location Courtesy: Hazratbal, Srinagar,