The Tale of Oreo Mousse


A place where Love is served edible. No Bill,Food without any price tag , A simple 4 course meal served with love, Respect towards food and Humanity where someone has already paid for our meal and we have to pay for the next coming person. A pouch given at the end where you can put the amount you want to give. “SEVA CAFE” where living is Giving and I fall in Love with a Mousse served as Dessert at this Magical Place.A very Simple yet a Toothsome Dessert, whose simplicity is the best Part of it.I had my first spoon and felt like having a dessert with complicated concoctions but then second spoon realized me, It was just Whipping cream with Cadbury Oreo Biscuits. Throwing some light on the place this cafe was opened on the concept of Atithi Devo Bhava which means to treat guest as God and this can really be seen ,when their modest staff serves food as you are a part of their family.In the See-saw of loss and profit they bear all the loss collectively but the 100% of any profit is used for support social service.This dining experience gave me enormous words to write and share.


Seva Means service and they are providing the service we offer to our known relatives who come our home, not to their known people but to the strangers whom they don’t even know .Their logo pictured above well describes their zeal towards food and humanity, i really appreciate how they have linked food with Morality because Having food is the most conventional stock of all the Humans, it is a run of mill which can connect million souls and this cafe is doing so from past decade, earlier they used to serve a well planned a-la carte menu  but now they have made it more simpler, Everyday there is a new complete four course menu served to 50 Guests from 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm, At every visit you will see different humble faces working to make this place more magical and spiritual. All the small elements adding to the artistic ambiance, gives a unforgettable experience of positivity  and belief in mankind.So one visit from your busy time is a must to complete and carry on the chain of giving and you could even do the volunteer service in this food temple by contacting them.

Talking about the food ,it can compete to any of the star restaurants, because that extra portion of love makes the food more delicious, working with proper hygiene they create mouthwatering dishes which are full of appetite and a good eye will get a balanced meal including drink and sweet dish and i brought the charm of that oreo mousse back home and created it to share with everyone. Here is the recipe.



  • 1 cup whipping cream
  • 5 Cadbury oreo Biscuits (choco-vanilla)


Whip cream for a minute and then add biscuits to it by crushing them and whip it again for 2-3 minutes so that biscuits gets properly mixed

Cool it in refrigerator if required

Note: You can also obtain a proper mousse consistency by whipping it well for 5-6 minutes
You will obtain a thick creamy consistency according to the above recipe. You can make it likewise, I would prefer it to be in cream consistency.