How to make Perfect Sauces

A Sauce is an integral part of a dish, makes a dish more Palable, appetizing,appealing and more tasty. A sauce adds on more moisture and color to the dish making it complete. All the well planned  dishes includes  sauce as an accompaniment or main item . It is very important to make a good combination of food and sauce to make it a perfect gourmet , but if the sauce is not good it can make the dish a “No Show”,so a sauce must be perfect o go on with a perfect dish. Here are some points to keep in mind while making a Perfect sauce.

Proper Utensils– It is very important to choose appropriate kitchen utensils and equipments while making a sauce

  • Never use a brass container for making or storing a sauce as it will make its taste off.
  • Always Use  wooden spatula for making Tomato sauce as acidity in tomato will react with metal.
  • Use a good Quality Stainless steal whisk for White sauce
  • Store your Sauces in Stainless steel containers.

Consistency: consistency is a major factor which determines the appetite of a sauce

  • A good sauce must have a consistency such that it could full cover the back of a Spoon when dipped.
  • It should not be excess dilute or excess thick.
  • A good thickening agent must be used which goes well with the sauce e.g Roux, Laison etc.
  • It is important to cook the sauce properly( min 10-15 min depending on the quantity) after adding a thickening agent so that the starch gets cooked .
  • You can also  add 2 Tbsp of Butter ( for 100 ml) at the end to give it a shine and smooth consistency.

Sieve the Sauce- 
-it is very important to sieve a sauce using a sieve at the end to make it more smooth and lumps free.
– if it is not Sieved small lumps will be left in the sauce.

Seasoning the Sauce: salt and pepper are basic seasonings for every sauce.

  • Always end the seasoning once the sauce is done because when the sauce is reduced on heat the seasonings become more concentrated.
  • Use white and Black pepper according to the sauce color e.g White pepper for Bechamel

Storage: sauces can be stored for weeks in refrigerator.

  • If storing hot sauces for a long time do heat the them after 2-3 days and refrigerate again to prevent growth of microorganisms .




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