Tomato Soup


Often entering the Kitchen Most of us feel that cooking should be easy,simple and less time consuming,Most of the people somehow run from complicated recipes and don’t even try out for cooking a gourmet. But i am making an effort for them, turning a very simple recipe of Tomato Soup more simpler such that you would never feel having small time to cook this.

Time: 15 Min
Portions: 2

You Will Need-
– 2 Cups Water
– 6 Medium Ripe Tomatoes
– 4-5 Garlic Clove
– 2 Tbsp Oil
– 1 Bay Leaf
– 1 Small Onion
– Salt as per taste
– 1/4 Tsp Black pepper Powder

1- Cut tomatoes in rough medium dices and cut onion into 2 halves.
2- Crush the garlic by smashing it by something
3- Put cut Tomatoes, onion , Garlic, Water and oil in a Pressure cooker and close the lid
4- Put  on flame until it whistles 4 times,Remove from flame and let the steam out for 4-5 min.
5- Process the Liquid into a Food Processor or use a Hand Blender and stain
6-  Add salt pepper, Heat it and stain again before serving.
7- Garnish it with Cream or Coriander Leaf


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