Watermelon Amuse Bouche


Amuse Bouche in French refers to ‘Small Bit of Food’, Considered as a Hors d’ Oeuvre( first course of French classical Menu) it is often served complimentary before start of the meal. Amuse Bouche can be of anytype from Fruit to Vegetable, Poultry to Seafood, just it has to be as it is described by its meaning. One of a very easy yet appetizing one is using Watermelon which can be served in Home as well as restaurants. Four ingredients and you are finished with this Job


– Watermelon
– Mascarpone/ Feta cheese
– Ginger Julienne
– Any Microgreen for Garnish(Prefer Mint)


  • Scoop Out a Ball from Top side of Watermelon where there are no seeds.
  • Put it in a Spoon, Put Cheese over it.
  • Garnish it with fine Ginger julienne and microgreen( i have used Holy Basil).

Serve Immediately 🙂


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