Stuffed Rava Idli (semolina Cakes)

Stuffed Idli

Idli is an all time favorite savoury  snack of south India usually made from fermented rice batter served with Sambar ( Spicy Indian Stew) and coconut chutney as an accompaniment  traditionally served on banana was originated in south india but now it is famous in all parts of the country.This time this snack is going to be totally different. Due to a very long time taken by the batter to ferment, i thought for a instant version of idli using semolina and rising agent and making it more appetizing by stuffing it with chopped vegetables tossed in Pasta sauce and cheese.It is an instant recipe which hardly takes 20 minutes.Though it is not traditional but it is anyways as tasty as the traditional rice Idli.

Time Needed: 15-20 Min
No. of Portions : 2

Actual amount of ingredients for both batter and stuffing

– 100 Gm Semolina (Rava)
– 100 Gm yogurt
– 30-40 ml  Refined oil ( any)
– 1 Tbsp ENO/ 1/2 tbsp Baking soda
–  2 Tbsp Salt
– 150 Gm finely chopped onions+bell peppers + mushroom
–  10 Gm Peas
-2 Tsp Pasta Sauce
– 30  Processed/ Mozzarella (Grated)
– 10 ml oil


First Step – Making Batter

  • Add yogurt, Semolina and oil in a bowl and mix them Together with a little amount of water (if required) to obtain the Consistency as shown below


Consistency Required

Make sure you do not add ENO/Baking soda at this stage

STEP 2 – Make Stuffing  

  • Heat 2 Tbsp oil in a pan, Add vegetables and saute them until all the released  moisture gets removed then add pasta sauce to  it and cook it for  min. Add salt (if required). The final product will be as shown below


STEP 3- Make Idli 

  • Add ENO/Baking soda in the batter, mix it and immediately put it into IDLI moulds.

-Fill Half of each mould  add 1 Tbsp stuffing in each.

-Add 5-6 gm grated cheese after stuffing.


Once the chesse is grated on it , Again add little batter and  fill the moulds to 90%( with batter) . Do not fill it completely as it will rise up after cooking.

-Steam the idlis in a steamer for 10-12 minutes or  till a tooth pick inserted in the idlis come out clean.

-Demould the Idlis and it is ready to come on plate.

DISCLAIMER: you can also use a Microwave just cook it in microwave for 5-6 Min on normal mode.
-Make sure that you add baking soda or eno just before putting it into  moulds and once it is done steam them immediately otherwise they won’t rise up.
-you can also add the cheese in the stuffing after adding the sauce.


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