Perfectly Boiled Pasta
Perfectly Boiled Pasta

I have often seen People who make Perfect and very delicious pasta sauces, but their final Pasta dish doesn’t sounds that good just because their Pasta is not boiled perfectly.Boiling Pasta is a very important  step of making a Pasta dish. The Correct procedure and tips to boil Pasta are as Follows

  • Heat water to its Boiling Point,Always keep in mind that there should be enough water so that Pasta has penalty of water to absorb.It can be more than the required amount but less than required will make problem.
  • Once the boiling bubbles Start coming, lower the flame to settle the bubbles and then add Pasta because  some delicate pasta such as Tortellini will Break, Once the pasta is added bring the heat up.

  • Add little oil to the boiling water as it will Prevent your pasta from sticking together.

  • Never boil two Different types of Pasta together  as all Pasta’s have differnt boiling time.

  • To check the boiling Pasta, take a piece out and smash it with your fingers if it gets smashed easily, It is boiled.

-Only Drain the Pasta.Never Rinse Pasta as it will remove the Starch present on the Pasta.

Once the Pasta is boiled Immediately cook it in Sauce, if you wish to Store it then store it after putting 4-5 tbsp of oil on it.


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