Spicy Soya Chunks

Spicy soya chunks
soya chunks are full of proteins and a very healthy food for our body. Spicy soya chunks is Deep fried soya chunks, marinated in some Indian Spices

Type: Starter
Time: 15-20 Min
Servings: 2

Actual amount required
Actual amount required

Ingredients Required:
– 100 gm Soya Chunks
– 3 tbsp Yoghurt
– 3 tbsp Gram Flour
– 3/4 tbsp Ginger Garlic Paste
– 1/2 tbsp Red Pepper

– Add 1/2 tbsp salt and 1 tbsp oil to around 600 ml boiling water,boiling on a gas stove.
– Add the soya chunks in the Boiling water and boil it for 3-4 Min until it becomes soft
– Drain out the water from from the chunks and squeeze them to expel out all the water from it. keep in mind that Chunks Don”t Break .

-Take a Bowl and add all the ingredients to along with the chunks and mix them well. In case the spices don’t stick to the chunks add little more gram flour.

-After Marination Left it undisturbed for 5-10 Min. In the mean Time Bring some regular oil (any) to Medium heat.

  • When the Oil is medium Hot. Add the chunks and fry it until Golden brown and Crisp.
    Soak the Extra Oil with some Napkin and Serve it with some fresh Coriander leaves on Top.

You can also check out the video of this recipe on my YouTube channel.


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