Semolina also known as Rawa, Sooji is a cource flour made from durum wheat. It is widely used for makin Pasta due to high Gluten content.There are mainly two types of semolina.
1- Soft wheat durum used for making idli upma and other coarse dishes
2- Hard whear drum used for making Pasta, Gnocchi.

Culinary Uses:

-It is use for making  couscous and acts as a base for souffle.
-It is used for making indian desserts like Halwa and Kheer.
-Used for making South indian dishes like Idli,Dosa,Upma
-Added to Bread Flour for a little Crust.
-It can be used as an outer coating for frying Fhicken or Fish for an outer crust.

Nutritional Benifits:
It is full of carbohydrates and Protiens, Low in cholestrol and high in Fibre.Being a  high carbohydrate food, it provides lot of energy.It also contains some amount of potassium, calcium and fibre, with some iron, zinc, manganese and copper.


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