Strawberry Shrikhand

Strawberry srikhand
Shrikhand originated from “Gujrat” is a traditional indian sweetdish with Hung curd(Greek yogurt) as main ingrident. It is very healthy as yogurt contains millions of Bacteria which is very good for Digestion and Healthy Stomach.Traditionally shrikhand is made with saffron,cardimon & nuts , but i have given a hand to a straberry flavoured srikhand.

Time :
 10 min

– 1 cup hung curd ( greek yogurt)
– 3/4 cup caster sugar
– 3/4 cup strawberry puree
– pinch of cardimon powder
– Strawberry (cut in small pieces)

Grind 75-100 gm strawberry in a grinder  and 2-3 tsp milk (if required)

Add the strawberry puree,sugar,cinamon,cut strawberry in the yogurt and mix it well utill it gets a smoothe texture and gets mixed well

Set it for some time in freezer and Garnish it with a big strawbeey Piece !! 🙂

-Use fresh strawberry which is not much sour.
-keep the puree  as thick as possible
To know what is hung curd and how it is made CLICK HERE

you can also make shrikhand the same way by using cinamon(powder) and Saffron. Amarkhand using mango and nuts and MIXED FRUIT using mutliple fruits.


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