From my Grandmother’s recipie index, I am glad for this amazing recipie of a very unique and Tasty Sweetdish BHUGGA. It is very common sweetdish in north india ,basically enjoyed in season of wimters. It is very simple to make as it requires just 3 ingridents.

TYPE: Sweetdish
Time required: 30 min

– 250 gm white sesame seeds
– 250 gm caster sugar
– 250 gm Mawa
– Dry fruits

  • Roast the seeds at high heat untill they start poping.

-Add the roasted sesame seeds to the grinder and grind it well 2-3 times till then they relese their oil. The pic below describes the texture required.

  • Mix the grinded Seeds,Sugar,Mawa all togeather and make a dough out of it.
  • Flatten the dough on a plate and add some dryfruits over it.

flattened dough

  • Cut it into square pieces and your dish is ready.

DISCLAIMER:: Grinding is the most impprtant step. The texture of the seeds will describe the taste.


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