Khalifa Khatai – SARHAD

The visit to the Restraurant which connects the different Food cultures of “India” & “Pakistan”, SARHAD gave me a saveur of the Lahori Khatai with Falsa Ice cream”.The dish made my taste buds exotic with a Lahori  flavour in India.

khatai with falsa ice cram

The Khatai is specially imported from Lahore.It is extremely soft with very delicate flavours.The falsa ice cream with chocolate syrup is very refrashing with a unique flavour of Falsa(found in Pakistan) . Though you have to tighten your pockets, to spend 200 bucks on it but its Flavours will make you pockets loose again.

                                          Sarhad basically means border .Barely a kilometre-and-a-half from the international border in Punjab between neighbours India and Pakistan,this restraurant is a fusion of Ido-Pak cultures


Not only Food,you will see the art of pakistan on the walls and especially the two trucks painted by  Haider Ali is  marvellous, reflecting the Friendly and Harmonal relations of India and Pakistan.

Your Visit to Internation Sarhad(border)  will be incomplete if u don’t give your taste buds some enthusiasm  at the food SARHAD.


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