The Indain Green Cardamon

Cardamom has a unique Flavor and Aroma that is hard to put into words.It is compellingly strong, yet delicate; sweet, yet powerful and one of my favourates among all Indiam spices.One of the world’s most ancient spices, green cardamom comes from the seeds of a ginger-like plant and is native to southern India.

Go Green
Go Green

Specific uses of green cardamom vary with different cuisines and cultures. Cardamom is a key ingredient in sweet baked. In India it is widely used in various sweets (Mithia). Some indian even use it in milk due to its various health benifits.I love to use this ingrident in making traditional north indian style curries mainly in chicken dishes.

For sweet dishes powdered cardomon is used. It is necessary to heat the pouds to essential Aroma and oils from the seeds which gives the dish real flavour. But in basic curries i like to use  its raw seeds as they gets automatically roasted . But excess flavour can Totally ruin your Dish


  • After Roasting it on High heat
  • Crack open the pods with the pestle

Powder it in a mortar and pestle.


It Gets its best contrast with Cinamon or Rose Water.


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